Missing chimpanzee in LA

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That “celebrity chimpanzee” that caused all the trouble three years ago is now on the loose in the hills outside LA.

There have been scattered reports of missing chickens and garden hoses turned on in the vicinity of the hunt -- but no solid evidence that Moe is to blame.
"They've positioned people about every 300 feet in cars. Their job is to keep a lookout and see if they can see movement anywhere. Thank goodness for people willing to do this," LaDonna Davis said. "A lot of people on horseback have offered their services, a lot of hikers."

He’s been in a shelter for ten years, after several biting incidents. It was in that shelter in 2005 that the owner, St. James Davis, was brutally injured by other chimpanzees:

The 65-year-old former NASCAR driver lost all of his fingers, an eye, his nose, parts of his cheek and lips, and pieces of his torso to attacking chimpanzees in 2005. The animals pounced after apparently becoming jealous that Davis was preparing to present a birthday cake to Moe at their refuge.

The story is tasteful enough not to mention the chimpanzees tearing off testicles. I, however, am not. Chimps are not pets.