Neandertal anti-defamation files, 13

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From The Economist, “What’s wrong with America’s economy?”

Of course, plenty more could be done to spur innovation. The system of corporate taxation is a mess and deters domestic investment. Mr Obama is right that Americas infrastructure is creaking (see article). But the solution there has as much to do with reforming Neanderthal funding systems as it does with the greater public spending he advocates. Too much of the competitiveness talk is a canardone that justifies misguided policies, such as subsidies for green technology, and diverts attention from the countrys real to-do list.

There’s a Neanderthal funding system?! Holy lucre, Batman!

Obviously if the Neanderthal funding system isn’t directing government funding to my lab, it is badly in need of reform!

Or…wait a minute. We all know that Her Majesty’s Secret Service has information the rest of us don’t. What if they’ve stumbled onto a black op Neanderthal project? OMG, THE CLONES!

I swear, I won’t tell a soul. Just bring me under the Neanderthal funding umbrella. It’s classified.