SAA Twitter feed curation

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You don’t have to be on Twitter to follow the tweets from the Society for American Archaeology conference in Sacramento. Nicolas Laracuente (@archaeologist) has been using Storify to collate tweets from the #saa2011 hashtag, putting them together into a rational set of categories so that humans might actually read them when not immersed in the stream.

For example, his account of day 3 hits the highlights of the social and scholarly sides of the conference. Be sure to click “Load More” at the bottom, to run right through the whole gamut of topics. Scroll down far enough on Day 2 you can find Kate Wong and my dueling tweets from the Clovis session. Including my tweet of Michael Waters’ big applause line:

Waters: "It's easy to sit behind the computer and play with other people's data. It's hard to get out in the field and sweat" #saa2011