Neandertal anti-defamation files, 11

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Slate has an editorial by Farhad Manjoo, featuring the idiocy of people who write crank letters to NPR (“We Listen to NPR Precisely To Avoid This Sort of Stupidity”). Yes, I know some of my readers probably sympathize with the letter writers, plaintive plaints to keep their highbrow high.

But lo, there at the end of the dyspeptic quote-mine, we find this:

"You can't mention sports without someone saying, 'Why are you covering sportsit's just a bunch of Neanderthals, it's just a bunch of fascists!' " says NPR sports correspondent (and Slate sports podcast "Hang Up and Listen" panelist) Mike Pesca.

Imagine! I ask you: What kind of quisling would stack Neandertals and fascists in the same breath?