Neandertal anti-defamation files, 6

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From The Simpsons:

BART: (in front of class, points to Homer in Neandertal costume) Behold, Neanderthal man, our ugliest, stupidest ancestor.
(Kids laugh)
BART: Come on, missing link, put on a show.
HOMER: (growls) (all laugh)
BART: Make a fire!
HOMER: (grunting)
BART: Be scared of the fire!
HOMER: (yelps)
BART: Evolve! Evolve!
HOMER: (grunting)
BART: Get religious about a bird you see!
HOMER: (Points and looks at sky, chattering birdlike)
BART: Sprain your ankle and know it's a death sentence!
HOMER: (falls to floor, groaning and panting, kids laugh)
KRABAPPEL: Very good, Bart.
BART: Can I get extra credit for a caveman break dance?
KRABAPPEL: Of course.

Oh, the humanity!