STEM plunk

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Natalie Angier, who knows something about how to introduce science to the masses, blows off some steam about STEM in this week’s Science Times:

A new report from the Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology offers many worthy ideas for improving science education, like creating a master corps of the nations finest science teachers who would in turn train others; but the STEM word keeps thudding up its pages like so many gristle nubs in a turkey burger. Its greasy-peasy: collapse down education, and youve got a buzz phrase to rival phys ed.

Much more snark – in fact, a lot more snark in this NY Times piece than your typical blog post. And I should know – I did the same thing last year!

On the one hand, "STEM" is so completely uninspiring, that it's even obvious to the actor best known from "Wings," boat anchor of "Must See TV." On the other hand, "STEAM" not only blows, it also sucks. And I don't mean that in a steampunk kind of way.