Social media in education

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Krystal D’Costa (Anthropology in Practice) links to a mini-documentary about the role of social media in the education of “Gen-Y”: “Decade 2: Encouraging Educators to Rethink Social Media Strategies in the Classroom.”

First, that these subjects are operating in a world that didn't exist five years ago. Some hold job titles like Social Media Strategist, and others are entrepreneurs who can shape their job as they want and need using social tools. These are individuals who have learned early the power of technology and shared communication, and they've harnessed it. Second, they're aware that they have needed to find their way in the dark. Several individuals in the documentary discuss how poorly prepared they feel their education has left them. This is an interesting statement when one considers reports that this not a tech savvy generation. And it prompts one to question whether the educational system can support the changing face of connectedness and business overall.

Are teenagers and college students learning about social media in the same way they learn about the birds and the bees – mainly from their peers? Only a handful are really learning to control the media in their lives. People who end up in jobs like “Social Media Strategist” are the result of some kind of uncontrolled selection experiment.

Which maybe is as it should be. Uncontrolled selection experiments are pretty much how most successful people get started, I guess.