Fieldwork survey for current and former student anthropologists

Kate Clancy directs readers’ attention to a new research project examining the conditions under which students have field experiences in biological anthropology: “The Biological Anthropology Field Experiences Web Survey: Now Live”.

We (Kate Clancy, Katie Hinde, Robin Nelson and Julienne Rutherford) invite you to participate in our Biological Anthropology Field Experiences Web Survey. The Biological Anthropology Field Experiences Web Survey is designed to solicit input on the ways in which fieldwork does or does not provide a safe scholarly and research environment for all. Rather than determining the total number of instances, or percentage risk of a negative experience, our interest is in gathering stories to inform Field Directors, faculty mentors, and other researchers and students on the scope of the problem, and identify some of the main contributory factors to a negative environment, both to encourage improvement and to identify future areas for research.
If youre over 18 and have ever done research or been a student at a bio anthro field site, please take 20 minutes to fill out our survey.You can indicate interest at the end in participating in a follow-up phone interview. You can also enter the lottery at the end for a 1 in 10 chance of winning a $25 Amazon gift card.

It’s an important project that is attempting to extend an understanding of field mentoring experiences beyond anecdotes. We all know of really good and really bad field experiences of our colleagues (or ourselves). If you have fieldwork experience as a student – whether or not you continued on toward more anthropology training – I encourage you to fill out the survey. Obviously, more people who have stuck around for training in anthropology are likely to hear about this survey, so please try to spread the word as much as possible to those who may have gone on to different careers.