The helicopolar express

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Outside my usual topics, but this is too weird:

FORT WORTH - Two British-based pilots set off into a blue Texas sky Tuesday on their second attempt to fly around the world via the North and South poles in a helicopter, one of the last great unaccomplished feats of aviation.

At what point do "great unaccomplished feats of aviation" become trivial unaccomplished feats of aviation?

One of the longest stretches of the flight -- and one of the most perilous -- will be more than 500 miles over open water between the tip of South America and Antarctica.
After reaching the South Pole, the pair will double-back along the same Antarctic route but will fly over new territory in South America.

That's not around the world! That's down the world and back up again. These people crashed once trying, so it's unquestionably a challenge, but hmmm...