Google Doodle commemorating Lucy’s 41st anniversary

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Google today (November 24) is running a Google Doodle commemorating the 41st anniversary of the discovery of the famous “Lucy” skeleton of Australopithecus afarensis.

Lucy Google Doodle

I really like this moving graphic for two reasons: First, the figures are female. Second, it’s only three figures. The usual five-figure progression creates a misleading impression that every species falls upon a single line of progress, with no side branches. Three figures shows clearly that one can be an intermediate, but to me leaves less of an impression of inevitable progress.

Maybe that’s just me.

A point of interest is that this Google Doodle is being shown throughout nearly the entire world. The map of countries where Google is showing the doodle is available from Google’s website.

Google doodle map

It’s a pretty cool moment for evolutionary science in society. Still, the lack of Lucy graphics in Iran, Turkey and Sudan I can understand, but Svalbard?