Anthropologists have "fastest-growing salaries?"

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Umm...what can I say to this? I'm speechless.

America's Fastest-Growing Salaries
Here are 20 jobs with the highest salary growth, according to data from, in conjunction with and The percentage listed is the rate of salary growth for each occupation nationally. The data is based on data collected on an ongoing basis, and comes from several different sources, including the Occupational Employment Statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and ongoing surveys conducted by Salary Expert.
15. Anthropologists study the origin, cultural development and behavior of humans, while archaeologists recover artifacts to gather information about humans.
Salary growth rate: 4.9 percent
Salary: $66,861

Uhhh...ummm...really? Because I think I would have noticed.

Look, I advise all my students that there are great career opportunities in anthropology. But jeez, 4.9 percent? Maybe I can take out a loan against my future salary.