Reviving atlatl hunting

This AP article has the story:

The state Game Commission is currently drafting proposed regulations to allow hunters to use the atlatl, a small wooden device used to propel a six-foot dart as fast as 80 mph. The commission could vote to legalize its use as early as January.
It's unclear which animals atlatlists may be allowed to hunt, but the proposal is being pushed by people who want to kill deer with a handmade weapon of Stone Age design.

It seems to me the news isn't that Pennsylvania is considering allowing atlatl hunting -- it is that several states already do!

In Alabama, one of a handful of states that currently allow the use of atlatls for hunting or fishing, few hunters use them during deer season, said Allan Andress, the chief fish and game enforcement officer for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
Even spear hunters -- Alabama game law also allows spears -- outnumber those using atlatls.

I found online a list of atlatl hunting responses from the 50 states. It seems you can use them for fishing more commonly than hunting (they get classified as a spear). States seem to fall into three categories for hunting: the states that proscribe exactly which weapons must be used for all species, the states that allow any kind of weapon for "non-game" species, and the states that don't specify which kinds of weapons are legal as long as other regulations are followed.

I'd like to see a dart with a split-based bone point on it.