But can his daughter compete for Miss Mongolia?

Can I just say, "Yuck"?

Geneticists discover emperor, accountant linked
MIAMI -- A British research firm recently combed 25,000 DNA samples searching for a modern descendant of Genghis Khan from outside the Mongolian warlord's ancient empire.
They found one: a University of Miami accounting professor.

Translation: Finding that Anglo whites are their most likely clients, but that most of them are not descended from Irish high kings or descendants of Aaron, Oxford Ancestors sifted through all their samples to find one of those rare -- yet interesting -- genetic links most likely to spur new publicity and business.

Tom Robinson, a 48-year-old Palmetto Bay, Fla., resident, has taken the odd news with amiable modesty, even though the Mongolian ambassador to the United States plans to invite him as an honored guest to his Washington embassy.

Translation: What better way to promote Mongolian tourism?

Women can learn if they are descended from Genghis only through male relatives because only men have a Y chromosome.

Translation: But that doesn't stop women from paying for their tests!

No one has tested Genghis's actual DNA because his tomb has never been found.

Translation: Of course, there's no actual proof of any of this...

Though Genghis is believed to have 16 million Asian descendants, Robinson is the first Caucasian linked to the 13th-century marauder, Sykes said. How those genes made it to Robinson's ancestral home near the Scottish border remains a mystery.

Translation: You, too may find a genetic mystery in your ancestry for the low, low price of ....

(via Gene Expression, who should have thought of the headline!)