Quote: 'A successful team moves fast'

Just some notes from a designer at Facebook worth sharing:

A successful team moves fast, and they do often leave a trail of failed experiments in their wake. But here’s the deal: quick experiments, even failed ones, are the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. So when the first two things don’t work, try two more. And when that doesn’t work, try two more. And if those fail too, perhaps it’s time to approach something from another angle, but give it another two, and then two more.
Get comfortable with the fact that it might take ten tries to get a positive result from your experiment. It might take twenty or more.
Over the course of days and months and years, you’ll find that you’re no longer solely working on assumptions, but that both your knowledge base and the strength of your hypotheses are growing.

From Jasmine Friedl, “What I’ve Learned Designing Small Things at Facebook”. Seems relevant to science.