Link: Profile of Edward O. Wilson at the retirement community

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Boston magazine has a nice article profiling Edward O. Wilson, giving some insight into his current writing environment in Brookhaven retirement community: “The end of the Anthropocene”. The headline refers to the working title for Wilson’s next book, in which he apparently will dispute the idea that a new geological period should be named for the present human-modified environment.

But his compatriots don’t much care for the title:

“All right, would you like to hear what is in this book?” Wilson asks. “I realize now that there is one person to whom this is irrelevant,” he adds, glancing darkly at [Merton] Kahne. “And if that is true I would like to try out something like The Third Revolution in Sex. That’s not related to the content, but—”
“Now you’re waking me up. You’re on your way,” Kahne says.

It’s an interesting portrait of a group of strong characters who enjoy their interactions at the breakfast table.