Balter profiles Randall White

Michael Balter has a nice profile of archaeologist Randall White in the NY Times:

Despite Dr. White's early success, he found it difficult to begin a dig of his own in the Périgord. Dr. White says that the French prehistorian responsible for issuing permits to excavate in the area preferred that he work as part of his team rather than independently.
"I was shut out of working in France the way I wanted to do it," Dr. White said. Rather than agree to work as part of the team, he began to look at collections of artifacts stored in museums in Canada and the United States, where he found thousands of objects from digs by Peyrony and other archaeologists, including artifacts from the Abri Castanet, sometimes stored in terrible conditions.
"I saw Upper Paleolithic engravings with drawers on top of them," Dr. White said, adding that these experiences fueled his early anger about the antiquities trade.

The profile starts with a quick summary of the argument in White's new book, about Otto Hauser and Denis Peyrony's early 20th century excavations. Sounds interesting -- I hope I get a review copy!