Brexit fears affecting U.K. archaeologists

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I have no political position on the impending departure of Britain from the European Union. Nevertheless, I wanted to point to this article in The Guardian that discusses the way that “Brexit” is affecting archaeologists and museums in the U.K.: “Archaeologists and curators leaving UK over Brexit fears”.

Kate Geary, from the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, said EU nationals made up to 60% of workers on some projects. She said the obligation to carry out such work may be scrapped due to staff shortages, which would be “detrimental to the country’s heritage”.

A number of early career archaeologists on Twitter have added their voices, saying that they are planning to leave Britain, or have already left, to maintain their access to European Research Council funding. Hiring for academic posts in the U.K. over the past 20 years has brought many European nationals into positions in U.K. universities, and the future of many of these scientists is uncertain.