Photo: Roe deer from the Sandwalk

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I spent last Sunday at Down House, Darwin’s home outside London. I was the first one out on the Sandwalk that morning – I ran into the gardener on the way out – and surprised a pair of roe deer in the field across the hedge.

I didn’t have the video camera out, but I did get a couple of good shots with the still camera. Here’s the buck springing away:

Roe deer leaping from Sandwalk at Down House

This was the perfect spot to prepare some lectures for the upcoming MOOC. I took the bus out from Bromley South station, and got there as the house opened at 10:00 am. Aside from the gardener, I only encountered two other people the first hour and a half I was out there. By the time I was leaving for the day, the house had become quite busy, but the gardens were the last place on many people’s agendas.