Are the human sciences "busted"?

From Opinionated Bastards, a doleful critique of the human sciences: “Are We Busted, Irrevocably?”

Almost four decades have gone by, with perhaps as many major revisions in Chomskys views on language. I dont know what the official line is on the state of the Chomsky revolution, but, as far as I can tell, the situation hasnt changed. Its not just that the Chomskyians have failed to deliver on early promises, but that linguistics itself remains many. Chomsky never carried the day completely and, while some of the holdouts just wanted to remain stuck with the old ways, just as many wanted to forge ahead, but not under the Chomsky banner. As far as I can tell linguistics is, say, a half-dozen or so competing and apparently mutually incompatible schools that, for the most part, simply ignore one another. Linguists hold no deep conception that is as significant to all of linguistics as evolution is to biology.
And that goes across the board to all the human sciences. The cognitive revolution went flat in the 1980s. The neuroscientists have frittered away two or three decades taking pretty picture of the brain that benefit no one so much as the workers and stockholders of companies in the brain imaging business. Economists have been fiddling while the world economy burns and literary critics have been congratulating themselves on how revolutionary and counter-hegemonic theyve been.

I’m not totally sure I agree, but it’s a sentiment that deserves wider airing. The “soft” sciences need to get serious.