"Science Enemies"

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Do you have a “Science Enemy”? Dr. Becca hilariously describes her hate-hate relationship with “Science Enemy”.

My history with Science Enemy goes back around 10 years, when I was presenting my first ever conference poster. She was very interested in my work, and, wanting to be sociable, I casually asked her whose lab she was in. My friendly query was met with an indignant "MINE," and it's there I believe the rivalry began. I of course tried to remedy this faux pas with "Oh, it's just because you look so YOUNG!!" (and truly she did), but my conciliatory words fell on deaf ears; it was on.

Sounds like the time Neil Patrick Harris was on Glee.

I don’t know what’s worse. I mean, what if you didn’t think you had a rival at all, but to someone else you already are the ultimate Science Enemy? Is there such a thing as unrequited rivalry? I guess it would suck to be them!

(via DrugMonkey)