If we can describe a poster as beautiful, it is because it communicates effectively

Zen Faulkes, on why beautiful, well-made scientific poster presentations are not just an exercise in catching attention for oneself: “More than marketing”.

I also had a little lesprit de lescalier on what a well-designed poster says about its creator. It shows that you understand what is important. A poster almost always demands you leave stuff out, which means you have to make decisions about what to include, exclude, and emphasize. Thus, you can only arrive at a beautiful, well-made poster if you have a deep understanding of the research you are presenting on it.
A well-made poster shows mastery of the material, not just tricks to grab attention.

It’s that time of year again, when people are designing poster presentations for the AAPA meetings. If you haven’t before, check out Zen’s “Better Posters” site.