If they had to pick a Ninja Turtle...

Half my blogroll moved to Science Blogs last week. There's a NY Times story on the site, a venture of Seed Media Group.

Seed Media, which produces science publications in print and online, is seeking to broaden its audience - and its appeal to advertisers - by introducing on Monday a network of blogs, or Web journals, devoted to science and science-related subjects. The network is to be made available on a Web site, scienceblogs.com, that is now operating in beta, or test, mode.
The Web site will initially bring together 15 blogs bearing names like Adventures in Ethics and Science, Cognitive Daily, Living the Scientific Life and Stranger Fruit.
One of the blogs, scienceg8 (pronounced "science gate"), is part of Seed Media, and the rest are independent. In coming weeks, Seed Media is hoping to have as many as 30 blogs on the network.

And I find out that science blog readers have a name: "Leonardos"!

"This intersection between science and culture is something we've been very interested in for clients at our New York office such as Pfizer, Unilever and Estée Lauder," said Pilar Cortizo, the planning director at JWT New York, which is part of the JWT unit of the WPP Group. JWT New York and Seed Media are collaborating on a study exploring the relationship between consumers and science.
The research has identified about 20 million Americans, 7 percent of the population, who are labeled in the study as "Leonardos," named after da Vinci for their avid, Renaissance-style interest in science as well as subjects like art and politics.
Leonardos are mostly male, in their 30's and middle to upper class, said Eliza Esquivel, a planner at JWT New York who is working with Ms. Cortizo on the study.

Hmmm... I wonder if that should be "Leonardoes"? Naaaah.

The only thing I notice about the migration is a tremendous uniformity of look-and-feel, where there was once diversity. Not sure if that's a bad thing for readers, since consistency can be good. But as an author, it looks to me like a life-sucking-away moment.

In any event, feel free to check out the other blogs over there on the sidebar; I'm linking only to stuff I like reading myself. And I'll be adding a few more in the next several weeks, as I've found new voices springing up with something interesting to say!