PaleoAnthropology going open-access

I got a newsletter from the Paleoanthropology Society today, and it included this:

In late 2005 the Society's contract with the University of Pennsylvania Press expired. The Officers and Editors have decided to take over the responsibility of publishing our journal, PaleoAnthropology, with shared support from the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Because of this, a number of changes will take place.
The most important of these is that, beginning immediately, the journal will be accessible free of charge to everyone, including non-members of the Paleoanthropology Society. The journal can be accessed at its own address ( or through the main page of the Society's website (
With the advice of the Board of Editors, we will also be adding additional features to the journal. Currently the journal has been devoted to the publication of articles, book reviews, and the abstracts of the annual meetings of the Society. This will be expanded, in part, to include commentaries on articles, summaries of current work in the various fields of paleoanthropology, and other features.

I think this is super cool, and I can't overstate the importance of this in my decision about where to send research. Nothing galls me more than having to stick that "subscription only" reminder next to things I link to, because I know there are a lot of interested people who can't get them.

And this journal is especially great because it allows the distribution of datasets, color illustrations, and now anybody can get it!