Marketing is not anthropology's answer

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Ryan Anderson raises a little rabble in a post about the problems of anthropology: “Anthropology: Its not just a promotion problem”.

I dont think we need to promote anthropologywe need to change it. Focusing graduate programs on training future academics is fine and all, but at some point were going to have to do something more. Were going to have to rethink the end result a bit. We might need to diversify, and work toward really encouraging and fostering some different avenues for anthropology. I think this needs to happen in graduate school, I really do. We cant keep pretending that teaching students how to do Powerpoints, write academic papers, and go to conferences is enough. We need to really work on writingfor a variety of audiences. We need to dive into the possibilities of various media (video, film, online). We need to push students to get involved, to collaborate, to find ways to communicate and bring the ideas of anthropology to wider issues and conversations. Thats what we need to do.

As readers know, I agree. My “What’s wrong with anthropology” laid out my arguments, and does almost as well on Google as “What’s wrong with Amanda Bynes”

Which is of course symptomatic of the problem.