Covering cracks or falling through them

A beautiful bit of medical anthropology by med student Shara Yurkiewicz: “‘Good patients’ cover their emotional cracks”

My father sees a famous cardiologist, and he rarely asks questions. For the past three years I have criticized him for this. Whats the point of having a good doctor if youre afraid to ask about how hes treating you? I would chide him after every appointment. He didnt want to frustrate the doctor and compromise his care.
In response, I uttered every cliche in the book. First, I denied that this would happen. (Im sure hes seen much worse.) Then I conceded that if it did, he could just find a new doctor. (Forget how famous he is.) I ended with my usual tough love: Its your life. Youre the one whos living with the illness, not him. A half dozen of these conversations later, my dad is thankfully healthy but neither I nor he can explain exactly how his care is being managed.

A lot of emotion and perspectives through the eyes of other med students and patients in the essay.