Link: Paleolithic archaeology journals compared

Global Palaeo News has an interesting table of acceptance rates and publication times for journals in Paleolithic archaeology published by Elsevier: “Publishing the Palaeolithic: acceptance rates, impact factors and publication times”.

Of course, limited to one publisher the list is hardly comprehensive, but it is interesting to see publication time and acceptance rate both quantified in this way.

“Impact factor” is completely senseless for archaeology papers. The impact factor of a journal relates to the average number of citations papers received during their first two years after publication. The timeline of developing research in archaeology is typically much longer than two years. Indeed, when we look at the publication times of these journals, it’s easy to see that nearly all the journals exceed 6 months from submission to publication, so a fourth of the “2 year” impact factor time in archaeology papers is bled off by the review process. The time across which publications in archaeology are important is much longer than two years, and the most important papers will provide primary documentation of new observations for decades to come.