Interview with Lee Berger

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As many readers know, I recently offered a massive open online course (MOOC), titled “Human Evolution Past and Future”. The course included video interviews with more than 25 scientists in paleoanthropology and related fields, because I wanted people to see the field through the perspective of the experts who know it best.

I’m going to be releasing many of these interviews here on the blog. To start the series, I’m posting my interview with Lee Berger.

This interview covers Lee’s discoveries at Malapa, South Africa, including the species Australopithecus sediba. He also talks about the importance of an open approach to his team’s research, and the importance of field exploration in bringing new evidence to paleoanthropology.

This interview was filmed last summer, long before the Rising Star site was discovered. It’s fascinating to watch it today, a reminder that chance favors the prepared mind.

These interviews are great resources for classes, and please feel free to share them widely.