Investigating Neandertal behavior with Geraldine and Clive Finlayson

1 minute read

A week ago I was in Gibraltar for the 2014 Calpe Conference. The conference this year is focused on issues of world heritage, as the Neandertal sites of Gorham’s Cave and Vanguard Cave will be proposed for World Heritage status from UNESCO next year.

There are more than a thousand inscribed World Heritage Sites around the world, but only a tiny number of these are sites that represent human evolution. Of course I consider every Paleolithic site a piece of world heritage, and it is lamentable that only a handful have received this recognition from their governments. One of the remarkable things about my MOOC, Human Evolution Past and Future, is that I was able to visit many of these World Heritage Sites and capture their importance on video for the students worldwide.

In honor of my visit to Gibraltar, I’ll share a video that I made with Geraldine and Clive Finlayson, giving a first-hand tour of the archaeological levels in Vanguard and Gorham’s Caves.

The video is one of three that I made with the Gibraltar Museum team for the MOOC. It was a great pleasure to visit the sites again with them, and now that the engraving in Gorham’s Cave has been revealed to the public, it is an exciting time to revisit the Neandertal evidence from these sites.