A zombie howto

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In honor of the season, HowStuffWorks.com has an article on the workings of zombies.

Nota bene: </p>

Mummies can bear a striking resemblance to zombies, even down to the guttural speech and shambling walk. Their deliberate physical preservation, however, sets them apart from ordinary zombies.

Here is some good advice if zombies are chasing you:

Also, avoid common mistakes like:
  • Sheltering in a vehicle to which you do not have the keys
  • Leaving blades, cudgels or other basic weapons out for zombies to find
  • Teaching zombies how to use firearms
  • Giving your only weapon to anyone who is hysterical
  • Retreating to a basement or cellar without taking supplies with you
  • Getting into an elevator in a building infested with zombies
  • Letting personal feelings and arguments get in the way of survival

My favorite part? When I viewed the article, there was a list of "popular searches" on the sidebar. The "popular searches": Bounty Hunting, Dreams, Halloween, Tarot Card, Witchcraft, and Creationism!