Quote: Missing link, circa 1940

Some dialogue from “Too Many Husbands”, as Melvyn Douglas and Fred MacMurray get on each others’ nerves:

Melvyn Douglas: All right, spell “Pithecanthropus erectus.”

Fred MacMurray: Why?

Melvyn Douglas: Because I say you can’t.

Fred MacMurray: All right. P-I-T-H-E-C-A-N-T-H-R-O-P-U-S-E-R-E-C-T-U-S.

Jean Arthur: Is that right?

Melvyn Douglas: Yes.

Jean Arthur: What is it?

Melvyn Douglas: It’s the missing link between ape and man. Like an athlete.

And later…

Fred MacMurray: It’s my table, I want a steak!

Melvyn Douglas: A glorious night for romance. And you want to tear a cow apart with your teeth!