Quote of the day

Frank Livingstone, in Current Anthropology (5:150, 1964):

In recent years there has been a remarkable outburst of interest in the problems connected with the origin of the hominids. These problems have great intrinsic interest for all of us but appear to have been somewhat neglected for many years. Perhaps new evidence, such as the many recent finds of the Australopithecines, has been responsible for some of this increased interest in hominid origins, but I think it is also due in part to a change in our theoretical outlook. We have begun to realize that facts do not speak for themselves but are always interpreted in a theoretical framework, and that, as much as we might wish it, we will never discover enough facts to reveal to us the total way of life of our transitional ancestors. Thus the development of an adequate explanation of the origin of the hominids and their peculiar capacities will result as much from the sifting of theoretical speculations as from the uncovering of new facts.