The house of (not) flying pandas

Problems with panda releases:

Panda that was released into wild dies
BEIJING - The first panda to be released into bamboo forests after being bred in captivity has died, and a Chinese nature preserve official said Thursday it may have fallen from trees while being chased by wild pandas.
The body of Xiang Xiang was found Feb. 19 on snow-covered ground in the forests of Sichuan province in China's southwest, the Xinhua News Agency said. He survived less than a year in the wild after nearly three years of training in survival techniques and defense tactics.

It's very sad. Sort of like West Side Story.

I wonder how you train a panda in "survival techniques and defense tactics." Does this involve a Wudang master? I guess not, because then they could just fly around...

They apparently have a strategy to make being "chased by wild pandas" a good thing for the next release:

"We chose Xiang Xiang because we thought that a strong male panda would have a better chance of surviving in the harsh natural environment," Li was quoted as saying. "But the other male pandas clearly saw Xiang Xiang as a threat. Next time we will choose a female panda."

What did I say? West Side Story.