Panda poop story has legs

My headline being an homage to the legless panda story earlier this month, I note the continued interest in panda dung recycling, which has now combined with the Beijing Olympics to create the ultimate in Shi Shi couture:

BEIJING -- Nothing says "I love you" like a photo frame made from panda poop.
The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base has come up with a dung-for-profit scheme that turns droppings from the endangered species into odor-free souvenirs ranging from bookmarks to Olympic-themed statues of the animals, state media and base officials said Monday.

In other news:

Pandas expand habitat areas in China
Xinhua News Agency said forestry researchers have identified panda droppings in areas beyond known habitats bordering northwestern Gansu province and southwestern Sichuan province.
"This indicates an expansion of the giant panda's habitat - and probably of its population, too," Huang Huali, vice director of the Baishuijiang Nature Reserve Administration, was quoted as saying.

Hmmm...I wonder if they checked to see if those droppings were in the form of, say, picture frames? Surely not...