Brood 13

That's what they're calling the imminent invasion of 17-year cicadas that we're supposed to get here next month.

The red-eyed, shrimp-sized, flying insects don't bite or sting. But they are known for mating calls that produce a din that can overpower ringing telephones, lawn mowers and power tools.
Brood XIII is expected across northern Illinois, and in parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. Cicadas live only about 30 days as adults, and their main goal is mating.

My girls are horrified by cicada skins, so I can only imagine their reaction to this:

The insects are eaten in other parts of the world, with descriptions of the taste ranging from shrimp to canned asparagus to not much at all.

Now, there's a fair difference between the taste of shrimp and canned asparagus. Maybe they taste different because of some kind of weird tree sap terroire.

They're supposed to emerge "between Tuesday and June 1." Whoopie!

Apparently, if you're getting married this month, you don't want an ice sculpture:

"We put our tray down and immediately the cicadas came off the ground and attacked the ice. Literally, it was a moving sculpture, this big black ugly mass of cicadas constantly moving," said Nadeau.
"I don't want to talk myself out of work, but that was just too gross," he said.

Did I mention, whoopie!