Quote: Weidenreich on the resistance to Neandertals as human ancestors

Franz Weidenreich, in his 1943 article, “The ‘Neanderthal Man’ and the ancestors of ‘Homo sapiens’ (p. 44):

At the time when Darwin and Huxley first claimed that Man evolved from a primate similar to the anthropoids of today, little evidence substantiated by palaeontological facts was available. In the meantime, however, quite a number of fossil forms have been recovered all of which may justifiably be claimed as “missing links.” Yet, strangely enough, the more such intermediate types came to light, the less was the readiness of acknowledging them as ancestors of Homo sapiens. In many cases the scepticism apparently was the last bastion from which the final acceptance of Darwin’s theory could be warded off with a certain air of scientism. In other cases, it was the pure respect for traditional axioms when advanced by authorities.

Weidenreich is honorary patron of the Neandertal anti-defamation league.