Quote: Haeckel on our ape "heirlooms"

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Ernst Haeckel, in the History of Creation, English translation in the Project Gutenberg version:

Thus, from a careful examination of the comparative anatomy of the Anthropoides, we obtain a similar result to that obtained by Weisbach, from a statistical classification and a thoughtful comparison of the very numerous and careful measurements which Scherzer and Schwarz made of the different races of Men during their voyage in the Austrian frigate Novara round the earth. Weisbach comprises the final result of his investigations in the following words: The ape-like characteristics of Man are by no means concentrated in one or another race, but are distributed in particular parts of the body, among the different races, in such a manner that each is endowed with some heirloom of this relationshipone race more so, another less, and even we Europeans cannot claim to be entirely free from evidences of this relationship.