Backhoe history

The sad part of this story is that nobody cares about the identity of the other guy:

The mystery surrounding the skulls began in 1826, 21 years after [Friedrich] Schiller died in Weimar, when the local mayor had 23 skulls retrieved from a mass grave in which the poet was buried. Many eminent people at that time were buried in mass graves.
The mayor identified the largest skull as Schiller's and it was brought to the home of his contemporary Goethe, who wrote a poem about it, according to German scholar Albrecht Schoene.
In 1911, another skull was disinterred from the mass grave which researchers claimed was the real one. A long debate amongst academics, historians, medics and anthropologists about the identity of the skulls ensued.

So, naturally, they're digging up his relatives and plan to sample their DNA for a match.

I suppose it's a real advance when we go beyond testing live people who are purporting to be long-dead celebrities, against the live relatives, and move on to testing dead skeletons that people purport to be celebrities against dead relatives. How long can it be before we establish a catalog of dead celebrities' DNA profiles?