Link: The discovery story of the LB1 skeleton

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Paige Madison pointed me today to her post from 2015 recounting the discovery of the LB1 skeleton, from Liang Bua, Flores: “The Moment the Hobbit was Discovered”. Better known as the type specimen of the species, Homo floresiensis, the first description of the fossil was published on this day in 2004.

LB1 skeleton cast
Cast of LB1 skeleton, at Belgian Academy of Sciences. Photo: Ghedoghedo (CC-BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons)

Recent, unconsolidated sediments like those in the Liang Bua cave are among the most challenging situations to excavate skeletal remains, and the story of this discovery emphasizes those challenges. Madison also discusses the way that chance was involved in the discovery. All in all, fascinating context.