Psst...wanna buy a mammoth?

A local story:

MILWAUKEE - A 76-year-old Kenosha County man in whose cornfield the skeleton of a mammoth believed to be about 12,500 years old was dug up in 1994 is interested in selling it, and officials of the Milwaukee Public Museum are interested in it.

He's got the mammoth in wooden crates in his basement.

Experts have suggested the bones could be worth from between $100,000 to $500,000.
Hebior [the owner] said an effort to sell the bones several years ago failed because the bids that came in were too low.
A number of Siberian mammoth skeletons sold after the fall of the Soviet Union might have suppressed the market, said Dan Joyce, senior curator of the Kenosha Public Museum.

That gives a whole new meaning to "bioprospecting!"