Rising Star: In the hot seat

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My first Rising Star Expedition update has been posted on the expedition blog: “In the hot seat”.

Ive had an extraordinary number of new fossils pass through my hands in the last four days. But heres what finally brought me to tears: Our young scientists and cavers running up to the command center, cranking up the generator, so they could do a spontaneous Skype call to a third grade class in Rhode Island.
Keep watching.

The post has already gotten some attention, and if you’re looking for a good news story on yesterday’s events at the site, I recommend this one from Alan Boyle: “Cave women unearth skull of unknown human ancestor”. Yes, the headline is awful for these young scientists, but the story really gives a good overview of what is going on.

But of course the best source is the Rising Star Expedition blog, and the Twitter updates from @johnhawks and @LeeRBerger.