Rising Star Expedition update

For the past five days, I’ve been cataloguing dozens of fossils from the Rising Star site. The National Geographic Rising Star Expedition blog has some incredible video shorts from the site, and some short blog posts describing what is coming out. Here’s one: “See First Fossil Recovered from Cave (Expedition Update)”.

We are experimenting with many different ways of sharing what we are doing here. Both Lee Berger and I are live-tweeting the excavation as it goes on; the cavers and scientists have done Skype sessions with schools; we have the exceptional coverage from the National Geographic bloggers; and we are immediately releasing lots of info on what we are finding. Even the team was recruited with social media.

Shortly I will start blogging about our progress here. Many of those posts will be cross-posted with National Geographic. Initially I will link to them from here, later I’ll cross-post them. We have good internet here but if anything happens with my server I may not be able to fix it quickly, so I’ll be updating first to NatGeo.

UPDATE (2013-11-15): The NatGeo blog has been reorganized and has a new address. Correct link above and: http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/blog/rising-star-expedition/