New yeti genetics specialists

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The BBC reports that Oxford geneticist Brian Sykes is getting into the hunt for sasquatches, yetis and other creatures: “DNA to shed light on yeti claims”.

"It's an area that any serious academic ventures into with a deal of trepidation... It's full of eccentric and downright misleading reports," said Prof Bryan Sykes, from Oxford University.
Modern testing could get valid results from a fragment of a shaft of hair, added Prof Sykes, who is leading the project with Michel Sartori, director of the Lausanne Museum of Zoology.

The University of Oxford has additional information on a website devoted to the project: “Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project”.

This is a strange announcement to me. I don’t know what they propose to do that isn’t already a routine part of forensic investigations in such cases. “Modern genetic testing” has been able to settle the species identity of hair samples for many years. Neither the BBC nor the Oxford website report on whether a new television program or other media enterprise is helping to fund their work, as has often been the case with cryptozoology investigations involving geneticists in the U.S.