The Wisconsin Creation Museum on its way?

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The paper Wisconsin Dells Events has a story about Bill Mielke's efforts to bring a creation museum to the Dells:

What Mielke found was government-recognized artifacts that he believes seriously challenge evolution by depicting dinosaurs and humans living side-by-side. Now, after several years of collecting artifacts and models, Mielke hopes to bring an intelligent design museum to Wisconsin Dells.
"Everybody is getting one side of this," Mielke said. "We're going to show another side to what people believe about dinosaurs. And showing through science that science has not disproved deity."

When the reporter on the story, Trevor Kupfer, contacted me for comment, I sent him back a statement and he was kind enough to include many quotes. You can read the whole story at the paper's site to find out more about Mielke and his aims.

I had heard that Mielke was pushing Intelligent Design creationism, but from reading the whole story it looks like there is a healthy dose of Young Earth creationism in his message. I think some Young Earthers just like to use the word "intelligent."

I'd like to pass along the whole statement that I wrote, for those who might find the story and want to see a response from an evolutionary scientist:

Intelligent design creationism has no scientific credibility whatsoever; it is not science. There is no aspect of our biology that is inconsistent with an evolutionary explanation. Evolutionary biology today has generated a revolution in understanding human variation and genetics; it is the source of our insights into treatments for dread diseases, our ability to enhance the production of our crops and livestock, and it helps us to understand our close ties to other people and the natural world. Wisconsin is a world leader in evolutionary genetics, and our students are at the very forefront of today's breakthroughs in evolutionary science.
So I think it's unfortunate that people are willing to spend their money to support the intelligent design falsehoods, which threaten to keep Wisconsin's kids from leading the way to tomorrow's advances. Outside the Flintstones, dinosaurs and humans never lived together, and kids who are taught such outrageous lies will be be be three steps behind in their future education.
Certainly, between the upside-down White House and Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the Dells has a great reputation for fantasy entertainment. But Intelligent Design Creationism goes well beyond fantasy into the realm of delusion.