Evolution trial experts speak out

Nature is carrying an interview with Kenneth Miller and Kevin Padian about their recent experience as expert witnesses in the Dover trial:

Why did you feel it was important to testify?
Padian: It's an opportunity when it really counts. One person can't be everywhere around the country talking to every school board and every parent group. But this is a case where, ultimately, these decisions are going to clarify things in a formal setting.
Miller: It is the right thing to do. The battle in Dover is just one example of local battles for scientific education all over the country. If people in the scientific community turn their backs on people in the front lines, then ultimately the cause of science in public education is doomed.

On the trial:

Padian: I didn't feel nervous. The judge was great. He is very smart, he is very attentive and he is running a tight ship, but it's not stiff. The defence lawyers are good people, and our counsel is just fabulous. The testimony took most of the day, and I was glad to relax after a process that had taken months of preparation.

On communicating science to the public:

Padian: If you want to explain something to people, it has to be put in terms of the issues that they find important. Politicians, judges and the media are not impressed by someone thundering in and claiming that they have all the right answers.

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