Fertility drug really delivers for gorilla

Here's a happy AP article:

BRISTOL, England - A western lowland gorilla has given birth at a zoo in southwest England after being given a fertility drug that is normally used on humans, zoo officials said Friday.

She's been trying for 20 years, after having a first baby young.

After consulting gynecologist David Hill, a senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, zoo veterinarians gave Salome a fertility drug called clomifene to stimulate ovulation, Carroll said.
Salome became pregnant three months after first receiving the treatments, he said.

We're running completely irony- and snark-free here on Christmas. Nothing more than a touching story of gorilla motherhood.

"Female gorillas, like their human counterparts, find conceiving more difficult as they get older, so zoos may now be able to give some of their important breeders a helping hand," Caroll said. "Being able to treat female gorillas with human fertility drugs is potentially a very important breakthrough."
Carroll said the treatment was likely to be replicated worldwide.

OK, I guess that was a little bit too Handmaid's Tale-like...