Announcing my Job Listings page

I often receive announcements about jobs from people looking to recruit biological anthropologists, archaeologists, or human geneticists. I haven’t ever been in the habit of posting these, because, well, most of my readers are not looking for academic jobs right at this moment.

But, I am someone who is keeping track of open academic jobs, as are my students and many of my friends, and I’ve been noticing that the usual sources for job listings have really been letting us down. I mean, seriously – there were good tenure-track jobs out there for biological anthropologists this year that never get posted to the AAPA website or the American Anthropological Association job listings, or even the Chronicle of Higher Education. It’s beyond me why a university thinks they can get the best applicants for jobs without advertising outside their own computer system.

Well, that’s life for those on the job market, constantly sniffing for the faintest odor of work.

So I’ve decided to start a jobs listing here at the weblog. You can find the listings at .

I have started the list by cutting and pasting job ads from a couple of sources. If you have a job for Ph.D. biological anthropologists, human geneticists, or Paleolithic archaeologists, please send me your ad and I will post it free of charge. If you know of a job that I don’t have listed, let me know and I will post it. As the site develops, I will add some additional content – maybe even links to the jobs wiki.

I will not be front-paging the job ads, so that people who are interested in the listings can follow them by following the job postings RSS feed to get the latest updates. Or visit the jobs listing page, where the listings are always available.