Link: An ideal rejection letter for a faculty job

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Female Science Professor has a new post, “Contest Entry: Rejection Letters, 3”, which presents what must be the most ideal rejection letter for a faculty job that I’ve ever seen. A sample:

In the end, the interview list was selected by the search committee, with input from other faculty and other interested parties, after reading and discussing the application materials, including publications (Perhaps it is useful to mention that the research statement can be quite useful as an indicator of what each applicant's ideas are for future research and teaching.). It is a time-consuming process so even if there is some randomness, it is a thoughtful randomness, if that makes any sense.

This is like a Charlie Chaplin movie of a letter: for the most part a parody with a sincere ending.

I’m not participating on any search committees this year, so I guess it’s safe to link to this. Everything associated with faculty searches is surrounded with requirements that are meant to ensure fairness and comply with legal requirements on large institutions. In my experience, committees really do read carefully through the applications, thinking about the strengths of each candidate, and the style of writing in application cover letters and other documents really does make a big difference.