Science blogs changing with the times?

A short piece “On the evolution of the science blogosphere” by the Andy Extance of the ScienceSeeker team has some interesting notes on current statistics in blogs.

A quote from late in the article:

It’s notable that despite this exorcism of sci-comm ghosts, the overall number of blogs aggregated by ScienceSeeker has fallen by less than 5%. Our new blogs are frequently soon featured in our weekly picks. Often, new additions are young scientists motivated by the issues of our times. They emphasise the powerful tools science has for illuminating the truth, and argue for national policies to adopt them.

As they point out, the lives of science bloggers change, and things become more or less active as they fit into other parts of life.

For myself, I’ve been very busy with the Homo naledi work and that has reduced the effort I can put into cleaning up my notes about the other parts of science for public consumption. Also, I have a book out, and that took some time to write and edit!