Blogging in biological anthropology profile

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Nature’s “SpotOn” feature has interviewed University of Rhode Island biological anthropologist Holly Dunsworth about her social media mastery: “Social Media for Science Outreach A Case Study: Blogging about Evolution”.

I also saw the blog as an opportunity to not only to find my voice, but to be comfortable doing so in public. Having been confined to a few academic papers and one reference book, I was excited to be writing about my field, and beyond, with immediate publication and full editorial control. I also hoped that blogging would open up other new opportunities. Recently I wrote a post covering many of the outcomes, direct or indirect, from my participation in social media, especially on The Mermaids Tale, here.

I don’t remember if I’ve linked Holly’s post, “You gonna blog that?” but it is well worthwhile as a discussion of the use of blogging in the development of a career in biological anthropology.