Dog psych

Time magazine has a nice article by Carl Zimmer, which profiles anthropologist Brian Hare, who’s been busy studying dogs:

Hare suspects that the evolutionary pressures that turned suspicious wolves into outgoing dogs were similar to the ones that turned combative apes into cooperative humans. "Humans are unique. But how did that uniqueness evolve?" asks Hare. "That's where dogs are important."

One complaint: I don’t see how Time expects anybody to read their articles online, when they are followed with gratuitous (and at best, marginally related) “CLICK HERE” ads. This one is a howler:

Henry, as Kivell affectionately admits, may not be "the sharpest knife in the drawer," but compared to other animals, he's a true scholar. See TIME's photoessay "Color My Dog!"

Lots of interesting stuff, though, if you’re into dogs – maybe you can sign up to become one of “thousands” of research volunteers…